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In Memoriam

This year, kind gifts were made in the memory of many friends of the Caroga Arts Collective, including:

Ruth Abdella
Nancy D'Ambrosio

Audrey Baird
Derek and Margaret Brown

Constance E. Barrett, D.M.A
Joyce Barrett

Rev. Richared E. Barrett
Joyce Barrett

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Matti and Linda Torniainen
Sara, Judy, Rich, and Dianne at the Voorheesville Farmers Market

Diane Joan Yates
Craig and Carol Brookins
Nikki and Patrick Hathaway
Alan Yates

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Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

Johnson Hall


Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Bob Gaudio

(b. 1942)
arr. Empire Wild

#1 3:33

Elizabeth Macintosh, viola
Empire Wild
Ken Kubota, Mitch Lyon, cello
Brandon Ilaw, voice



Mark Summer

(b. 1958)
arr. Empire Wild

#2 3:30

Empire Wild

Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon, cello
Brandon Ilaw, piano and voice


Shadow Play

Eugene Friesen

(b. 1952)
arr. Empire Wild

#3 4:00

Empire Wild

Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon, cello
Brandon Ilaw, piano and voice


String Sextet in D minor

I. Allegro

Aleksandr Borodin


#4 6:35

Rebecca Benjamin and James Thompson, violin
Eric Wong and Deborah Barrett Price, viola
Brian Klickman, cello
Jordan Calixto, bass


Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 57

III. Scherzo. Allegretto

IV. Intermezzo. Lento

Dmitri Shostakovich


#5 11:25

James Thompson and Rebecca Benjamin, violin
Eric Wong, viola
Jordan Calixto, bass
Sun-A Park, piano


Dido and Aeneas, Z. 626

“When I am laid in earth”

Henry Purcell


#6 4:49

Jeannie Im, soprano
Mitch Lyon, Ken Kubota, and Brian Klickman, cello
Jordan Calixto, bass


Take the B Train

Tomoko Omura

(b. 1980)

#7 3:15

KASA Quartet
Aaron Schwartz and Andy Liang, violin
Stephanie Price-Wong, viola
Kyle Price, cello


Shackleton's Song

Empire Wild

#8 4:07

Empire Wild

Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon, cello
Brandon Ilaw, piano and voice

KASA Quartet

Aaron Schwartz and Andy Liang, violin
Stephanie Price-Wong, viola
Kyle Price, cello


Jounetsu Tairiku

Taro Hakase

(b. 1968)
arr. Empire Wild

#9 5:02

Brian Shank, percussion
Empire Wild

Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon, cello
Brandon Ilaw, piano


Classic Case of Double Trouble

I. Ouch, I threw out my Bach

II. Sinfonia Concertfünke

III. Tony's Evil Twin

#10 missing duration

Caroga Arts Ensemble


The above are excerpts from or inspired by the following pieces:


Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043

I. Vivace

J. S. Bach

arr. E. South, S. Grappelli,
D. Reinhardt
trans. A. Liang

#11 3:35

Andy Liang and Aaron Schwartz, violin
Caroga Arts Ensemble


Sinfonia Concertante in E♭ major, K. 364

II. Andante

W. A. Mozart

arr. K.B. Price

#12 6:00

James Thompson, violin
Eric Wong, viola
Brandon Ilaw, piano
Caroga Arts Ensemble


Concerto for Two Cellos in G minor, RV 531

I. Allegro

Antonio Vivaldi

arr. K.B. Price

#13 3:32

Kyle Price and Brian Klickman, cello
Caroga Arts Ensemble

Andy Liang, violin
James Thompson, violin
Aaron Schwartz, violin
Rebecca Benjamin, violin
Eric Wong, viola
Stephanie Price-Wong, viola
Deborah Barrett Price, viola
Elizabeth Macintosh, viola
Ken Kubota, cello
Mitch Lyon, cello
Jordan Calixto, bass
Matthew Williamson, bass
Brian Shank, percussion


Presented by Johnson Hall State Historic Site in conjunction with New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation


Unknown duration, but at least 59:23 across 13 pieces.

With 12 breaks of 3:00 each, estimated concert is 1:35:23

Design and printing by James McMartin Long. Program archive at CACarchive.org

Personal Giving

Caroga Arts Collective is tremendously grateful for the generous contributions from the following, received between October 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021.

Festival Sponsor

Allen Farber

James and Anita McMartin Long

Ellen Wood and Michael Durkee

Concert Sponsor

Elizabeth and Thomas Flynn

Ellen Freeman

The Meinhold Giving Fund

Artist Sponsor

John and Sunday Blackmon

The Boyle Family

Derek and Margaret Brown

Delores G. Brown

Paul and Janice Corr

Bruce and Marilyn Fegley

Victor and Helen Geisel Foundation, Inc.

Robert and Patricia Hagen

Fern Jutras

George and Audrey Kline

Romy Kolodziej

Lars and Marit Kulleseid

Elizabeth McDonald

John and Carolyn Peck

David and Christine Pesses

Nancy and Doug Purcell

Linda Rowlands and Richard Gifford

Jim and Priscilla Selmser

Linda Fisher Smith

Bruce Veghte

Lois Widdemer

Benefactor - $500-$999

Dave and Kim Ackerman

Jeffrey and Nancy Brown

Julia Butler

Donald and Pamela Derrico

Patricia and Jack DeWeese

Mark and Doreen Ford

Brian and Kristen Franz

Jessica Frederiksen

Gail Girvin

David and Catherine Graves

James and Sue Karpen

Karen and Kent Kirch

Andrew LaCoppola

Diana Leaf

Phillip G. Manchester

Hyacinth Macintosh

Thomas and Diane Moriarty

Timothy Pedley

Susan Premo

Lyndsey Read

T. Clark and Luann C. Saunders

Lynn and Don Smolik

Andrew Veghte and Debera Hui

Donald and Mary Lynne Webster


Patron - $250-$499

Amy and Steve Atcheson

Joyce Barrett

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Richard and Elizabeth Capasso

Mary Ellen Charles

Susan Fanch

John Randall Fredlund and Mary Giuliano-Fredlund

Claudia and George Haney

Bob and Joan Ireland

Bill Marsh

Lois Miller and Dixon Peters

Tim and Sue Mitchell

Lorraine Mott and Robert Baker

Sameer and Lisa Nasrallah

Michael Oles

Yvonne Paris & Arthur Scolari Jr

Wayne Penn

Kathleen Perrott

James and Marilyn Pickett

Michael J. Poulin

Christopher and Kathleen Rohrs

Deborah San Juan

Judy and Christopher Simon

Doug and Judy Smith

Joseph and Avis Toochin

Nancy and Peter Vandenburgh

Roderick Vanderbilt

Alan and Linda Vincent

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Warner Jr.

Friend - $100-$249

Mary-Ann Aloisio

Gabriel August and Norah Murphy

Greg and Susie Bandy

Doreen Banovic

Elwyn Bellinger

Carolyn Bishop

Paula Bloch

Susan Brown

Chris and Laura Brown in honor of Debbie San Juan

Captain Dave's Place

Stuart and Pat Chandler

Joanne Clark

Nancy D'Ambrosio

Greta Davis

Scott Dillenback

Paul and Lisa Dorn

Mary Frances Eberhart

William Fake

Patricia Fallis

Jessica and Eric Fielding

Gail Fisher and Nate Davidovich

Chris and Leslie Foss

Lane Franz

Laurie Garramone

Rick and Mary Gilmour

Carol Golwas