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About archivist James McMartin Long

Long studied composition at Oberlin under Professor of Composition Edward J. Miller. Initially, Long focused on the Moog, Buchla, and Arp synthesizers under Professor of Composition Ronald A. Pellegrino. Later, Long composed on an IBM 360/44 mainframe. Long studied music theory and psychoacoustics under Professors Robert Moore and Edward J. Miller.

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Excerpts from the August 17, 2012 concert program through the May 26, 2024 concert program have been placed on this site in a form conveniently readable on smartphones, not in a paper-centric PDF format. Nevertheless, if one opens any concert program with Firefox and prints, one may see the concert program as it was originally printed, except for any subsequent corrections. Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox under iOS (which is rendered by Safari) do not fully comply with HTML.

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